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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Journals for Cancer Patients.

As with any other journal, it is a place to write down your thoughts, wishes, hopes despair and inner feelings. Shirley Nagel, has recently had this disease touch a member of her close family and she created one of these journals for her loved one. The journal has become a place for important phone numbers, medical instructions, notes for daily tasks, and love notes for the future.....yes, a life line! What a wonderful way to express feelings and thoughts that you may need to note.

If you would like to be a part of this and create Journals for Cancer Patients, please contact Shirley Nagel at SRCattle@aol.com for more information. The journals can be created by using a black & white composition book available at chain/discount stores. You can cover the front and back with beautiful papers and then decorated it as much or as little as you like. Leave the pages inside blank for the recipient to write down whatever they want to.

I hope many of you will think about this sweet endeavor that Shirley N. is organizing and pass it on to your friends. It is fine to showcase the cause on your blog and to include Shirley N.'s email address for contact purpose....always use Journals for Cancer Patients in the heading title. At some point in life, this disease touches every family.

My husband had prostate cancer several years ago and opted for extensive surgery. It was a very scary process and he has permanent nerve damage from the surgery causing some permanent health issues...but as he says, he's alive! I think Shirley N.'s Journal Project is a wonderful one...and I think she's pretty wonderful to to do this too! I hope those of you reading this will participate! I certainly intend to after my return from a visit to England very shortly!

Love Shirley B.

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